Hairnet/Snood Larger Stones
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The name says it all!! - Browbands with Bling & Other Things! These exquisite Hairnets are carefully hand-crafted from high quality materials such as Rayon, Crochet & Swarovski crystals. Durable and easily washable!

This Hairnet completes your set of matching items for a reasonable cost, icing on the cake!

You can choose to have the Mariposa added as your center stone for an additional/minimal cost of $1.00, total cost would be $26.00.  Please select color from drop down menu.  If you choose no, there weill be (9) of the exact same stones as shown inthe main picture for the $25.00.  Please call with any questions.

This Hairnet also comes with smaller stones for $20.00!

These elegant colors will set you apart in the show ring, or just at the barn! 


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Hairnet/Snood Larger Stones

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